The Use Of Creative Writing As A Tool To Teaching Additional Languages

Carlos Eduardo Araujo Placido


Creative Writing (CW) has not been extensively researched in Brazil. For this reason, the main purpose of this article is to investigate some possible uses of Creative Writing in the classes of language as an additional language (HELLERMAN, 2008). Based directly on the Cultural Historical Activity Theory (CHAT), this article is divided into three parts. The first part analyses the modern concepts of writing as a process (MURRAY, 1980; ELBOW, 1981; FLOWER & HAYES, 1981). The second part discusses some aspects about CW, knowing that CW does not have fixed and stable features in today’s world (POPE, 2005; HYLAND, 2012; MALEY, 2012). The last part is dedicated to share some possible CW contributions to be used as tools to learning, but especially to teaching languages as an additional language.


Teaching additional language; Creative Writing; Creative Writing as a process.

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